The browlift is a common cosmetic procedure to effectively eliminate sagging skin, droopy eyebrows, or wrinkles on the forehead. The forehead is an area that often exhibits the long-term effects of sun, wind, and gravity on your skin and face. When forehead wrinkles appear, or the eyebrows and upper eyelids feel heavy, surgically repositioning the skin and muscles of the forehead can provide a more youthful, friendly appearance. A browlift is often performed in combination with other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Kirkpatrick typically uses an “open” approach where the incision is carefully concealed just at or behind the hairline. The surgery usually takes one to two hours, and is done on-site, in one of our state of the art surgical suites. A pressure dressing is applied at the completion of the surgery and removed after one to two days. Generally, patients can resume work or school in seven to ten days.

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