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Here's a diagram showing the size difference between a traditional implant, a zygomatic implant, and abutment. Zygomatic implants attach to the zygoma - or cheek bone. Zygomas provide a secure foundation to support teeth when traditional implants don't work due to bone loss.

Flip that phone upside down and head to to learn about how you can stop aging in it's tracks with a face lift, neck lift, CO2 laser and more!

Lowell is from Tennessee! He had dealt with poor dental health for the last 22 years, and was tired of wearing his upper partial. He chose us after also consulting with ClearChoice. Bilateral zygomas were placed along with his full set of implant-supported teeth!

Donna's kind words and willingness to help our potential patients in their decision for implant-supported teeth is truly priceless!

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